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Trimming Tools have evolved over time with the addition of new components and solutions until becoming complete and at times complex tools, which ever more often are no longer restricted to being for just trimming and deburring casts. 

Hydraulically actuated radial movements for trimming and cleaning areas not reachable with just the open and closing action of press trimmers are already the norm.  Moulds are equipped with many different electric and electronic components such as photocells, electrical limit and proximity switches that can be used for different purposes, such as, for example:

  • Activating radial movements.
  • Detecting the presence and proper positioning of the cast.
  • Assessing the proper repositioning of the cast after extraction of the trimmed piece or still the proper machining of the same piece.
Because of these utensils, it is also possible to implement proper diagnostics of cast trim cycles. Hence, the equipment should be complete and not just as regards its hydraulic or pneumatic set up, but also for its electronics.


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MECCANICA PI.ERRE tra le prime aziende a cui è stato riconosciuto il Bollino di Confindustria Imprese in ITS (BITS) per aver attivato partnership virtuose con gli ITS, mettendo a disposizione le proprie risorse per favorire l’inserimento occupazionale delle nuove generazioni.

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