Meccanica Pi.Erre S.r.l.

Machining machines

Because of the customer need and request to get a finished part in the foundry, Meccanica Pi.Erre started to design and manufacture also machining fixtures; this gives an additional option to the trimming machine-trim tool.

Thanks to strong experience in trimming technology and skilled engineering capability, this kind of equipment helps to get a finished part coming out from the die-casting cell. This is completed during the cycle time of the cell. As a result productivity is further optimized: This gives a significant saving in both time and cost.

All machines are designed and manufactured according to Directive 2006/42/EC.


News, events, exhibitions

MECCANICA PI.ERRE tra le prime aziende a cui è stato riconosciuto il Bollino di Confindustria Imprese in ITS (BITS) per aver attivato partnership virtuose con gli ITS, mettendo a disposizione le proprie risorse per favorire l’inserimento occupazionale delle nuove generazioni.

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