Meccanica Pi.Erre S.r.l.

Machining machines

Customers who need to produce a finished piece right out of the foundry have driven Meccanica Pi.Erre to design and manufacture Machining Machine to partner with our already existing trimming press-trimming tool whether in operator managed or robotic workstations, with cycle times usually set to the time masked by the trim cutting.

Our experience as specialists in die cast trimming and finishing combined with outstanding engineering have enabled us to produce a finished piece in output from the die casting workstation, in compliance with time cycles and product quality. This has strongly solidified our aim of streamlining productivity and recovering significant time and expense.

All our machines have been designed and manufactured in compliance with the 2006/42/EC Machine Directive.


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MECCANICA PI.ERRE tra le prime aziende a cui è stato riconosciuto il Bollino di Confindustria Imprese in ITS (BITS) per aver attivato partnership virtuose con gli ITS, mettendo a disposizione le proprie risorse per favorire l’inserimento occupazionale delle nuove generazioni.

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