Meccanica Pi.Erre s.r.l.

The History of Meccanica Pi.Erre

“For over thirty years, with consistency and continuity, we work to improve our products and our production processes, to offer high-level technical and constructive solutions for our customers.”
Ruggero Pederzoli President & CEO Meccanica Pi.Erre

  • 1983

    Ruggero Pederzoli went into business as Studio PR; a few months later, the company became Meccanica Pi.Erre.

  • Meccanica Pi.Erre was one of the first companies to use CAD/CAM software and workcenters for EEF wire electroerosion.

  • 1990

    Meccanica Pi.Erre moved to a new plant with 1400 m2 under roof.

  • 1996

    The new plant was expanded with a second building, reaching at total of 2600 m2. 3D design was introduced with Pro-E, supplemented over the years by VisiCAD and other software.

  • Meccanica Pi.Erre's Quality Management System was certified under the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

  • 1999

    Meccanica Pi.Erre became a limited liability corporation.

  • 2000

    We achieved the important milestone of adding trimming presses to the product line which, together with trimming tools, dedicated trimming machines and machining machines, allow us to complete our offering for the trimming & machining technology segment. Order number 2000 was produced.

  • The plant was expanded by 450 m2 with the addition of a three-story office building.

  • 2006

    An alliance with an important die-maker led to the creation of Unimec, a technical-sales company that offers customers a complete service providing everything from high-pressure casting dies to trimming tools and systems. Order number 4000 was produced. Meccanica Pi.Erre: ideas that perfect the form.

  • 2008

    The plant was expanded again to a total of 3,500 m2 under roof. An ICT project in collaboration with the Inf-Os skill center of the University of Brescia and Bergamo resulted in the implementation of a new information system to support estimating, production planning and scheduling, the measurement and monitoring of production data, industrial accounting and corporate management in general. Meccanica Pi.Erre was one of the founders of the FIVE FOR FOUNDRY business project.

  • Meccanica Pi.Erre celebrated 25 years in business; the company logo "TRIM & MACHINING TECHNOLOGY" was updated.

  • 2010

    Two new spark erosion machining centres (MITSUBISHI) were purchased

  • 2011

    The machine fleet was expanded with a new 5-axis CNC machining centre (STS) and with a new CNC lathe 3-axis (DOOSAN). On April 26th the FIVE FOR FOUNDRY (of which Meccanica Pi.Erre is a co-founder) was established as an Enterprise Network. The network contract was signed at the Brescia Industrial Association and was widely reported in the Italian press.

  • Two new CNC machining centres were purchased (SIGMA and SIMAK ) and a new CNC lathe 3-axis (DOOSAN PUMA). Our Engineering Office was expanded with the addition of a dedicated Technical Studio specializing in the construction of Machinery, Presses and Systems. 3D machinery design was supplemented with SOLIDWORKS alongside with the well-established PRO-E package. Order number 4000 was produced.

  • june 2013

    An historical step for Meccanica Pi Erre specialist in Trimming and Machining Technology and leader at European and world level in the production of metal stamping dies, that with the Act signed in June, acquires Robopres srl. The strategic acquisition strengthens the position of  Pi. Erre Mechanics in the trimming presses sector by giving the opportunity to widen the range of models offered that will include, in addition to models developed under precise customer specifications,  serial trimming presses customizable with flexibility.

  • August 2013

    Installation of 4 new 5-axis CNC Machining Centers N°3 - 360/11 DMF (DMG-MORI SEIKI) N°1 - AVANTGARDE with rotary table (STS)

  • 2018

News, events, exhibitions

MECCANICA PI.ERRE tra le prime aziende a cui è stato riconosciuto il Bollino di Confindustria Imprese in ITS (BITS) per aver attivato partnership virtuose con gli ITS, mettendo a disposizione le proprie risorse per favorire l’inserimento occupazionale delle nuove generazioni.

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