Meccanica Pi.Erre S.r.l.

Complete Systems

Ever more often Meccanica Pi.Erre is called upon to build Complete and automated plants. This is how we can offer our customers complete service, covering the entire segment of trimming and finishing die casts, even creating “ready-to-run” facilities.

Meccanica Pi.Erre's trimming technology has been enhanced and its standards improved. Therefore, the company has actively contributed to the technological evolution of the process within the scope of HTDC (HIGH-TECH DIE CASTING), which however can no longer be considered apart from what has been defined as HIGH TRIM & MACHINING TECHNOLOGY, where Meccanica Pi.Erre is among the world's top leaders with its over thirty years of experience and manufacturing ability.


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MECCANICA PI.ERRE tra le prime aziende a cui è stato riconosciuto il Bollino di Confindustria Imprese in ITS (BITS) per aver attivato partnership virtuose con gli ITS, mettendo a disposizione le proprie risorse per favorire l’inserimento occupazionale delle nuove generazioni.

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